2008 “Alaskan native art” Teksin Art Gallery, İstanbul, Turkey ( Sponsored by US Embassy, Ankara).

2009 “Alaskan native art” Turkish American Association, Emin Hekimgil Art Gallery, Ankara, Turkey (Sponsored by US Embassy, Ankara).

2009 “Alaskan native art” Yağcı Zeytinyağı Fabrikası Kültür Merkezi, Burhaniye (Sponsored by Burhaniye Municipality)

2009 “Alaskan native art” Soyer Culture and Art Factory, İzmir

2010 “Alaskan native art”, Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Istanbul ( Sponsored by US Consulate General İstanbul) This exhibit was done within the context of the lecture “Traces of Primitive Cultures and Tradition on Modern Art and Architecture” given by MSGSU Department of History of Architecture.